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Crusher Machine:

Crushing is the first step of mineral processing where the ore/rocks from the mine site is fed to mechanical equipment in order to reduce the size for subsequent stages and thus liberate the valuable mineral from the gangue. Mostly this stage is dry and can be performed in various stages (2-4).
The crushers are used to reduce the size of the ROM ore (as large as 1.5m) to a size that can be fed to ball mill (as small s 4-6mm). Depending upon the requirement there could be a primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary stage. In most of the operations primary stage is performed at the mine site (surface or underground). Primary crushers are commonly designed to operate 75% of the available time, mainly because of interruptions caused by insufficient crusher feed and by mechanical delays in the crusher

portable stone crusher machine

Portable stone crusher machine

Stone Crusher

A relic, the Stone Crusher located off Christopher Clark Road pulverized basalt rock that erosion flaked off the mountain’s near vertical west face. Power for the crusher’s driving wheels came from belts connected to a raised truck’s drive wheels. The back-breaking job was shoveling the loose basalt from those nearby steep slopes onto conveyers leading to the crusher’s hopper. Basalt is an construction aggregate. Better sources ended the operation.

Other Series of Crushers

Jaw crusher Machine is always used in the first broken,It’s mouth is big,It can eat big stone in the Stone Production plant begin,So It is the name from .Jaw crusher machine has different types,If you need we Will depend on you Quarry need Setting the most suitable jaw crusher equipment.

Impact crusher Machine Is always used int he second broken,the big stone was broken from jaw crusher machine,then the small stone will transport from the  belt conveyor ,then the impact crusher  work ,it hit the stone,at last the stone will become different  size, it used to the road building, city building..

Cone crusher machine we can called it stronger crusher,May be  you will ask why ? because Cone crusher is stronger really,It like eat hard stone , for example,Granite,Basalt… this stone is his love,if you have this stone,you need he,he will help you solve you problem!

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