Stone Crusher

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Working Principle of Stone Crusher

Hammer crusher works on the principle that basically depends on the usage of installed chassis and high-speed kinetic hammer. The spindle of the stone crusher is composed of a hammer shelf, a hammerhead that is hanging on the shelf, and a sieve equipped on the lower half of the machine. Spindle, disk (shelf), and hammer, pin form a rotating body called rotor. The motor drives the rotor rotating at high speed in the crushing cavity, and the materials from the upper mouth feed into the machine, thus totally crushed by the high velocity of the hammer blow after impacting, shearing and grinding. A sieve is set below the rotor, particle bigger than the mesh size is kept staying on the surface be crushed the grained again. Once the size is small enough to across the sieve’s meshes, the granules can be expelled. The type of stone crusher can be divided in many ways as follows:

  1. Divided by the number of rotor: single rotor and double rotor stone crusher.
  2. Divided by the rotor’s rotation direction: directional, rotor towards a fixed direction of rotation; reversible, the rotor can be rotated in both directions.
  3. Divided by the rows of the hammer: single row, double row and multi-row.
  4. Divided by the way hammer device is installed: fixed and movable.
The working principle of a stone crusher has a lot to do with its structure and characteristics. Stone crusher’s construction specifications include casing, rotor, sieve, the feed board, back plate, gear and other parts. We now briefly illustrate some of these parts.
  1. The casing part consists of the feed port blocking plate, lower box, upper box and side walls. Each part is connected by bolts, all laced with manganese steel casing wall linings, under cabinet, side walls and the rear cover with a welded steel plate on both sides of the bearing to support the rotor in order to place a steel plate welded into bearing support. For the facilitate maintenance, adjustment and replacement purpose, the front and rear sides of the lower housing have opened manholes.
  2. The rotor is the main working part of a hammer crusher, which consists of spindle, disk, hammer and pin.
  3. Sieve and other parts are consists of hammerhead screw connected to the box with high manganese steel liner. The back plate can be replaced after worn out, which makes the maintaining process more convenient.
  4. Safety devices are designed in order to prevent metal objects from the crushing accidents. Rock crusher generally has safety devices. The spindle is equipped with safety copper sleeve, which is connected with a safety pin.
  5. Power transmission system is driven directly through the pulley rotor’s rotation. It can reduce the heterogeneity of the rotor in order to ensure the balance operation.
portable stone crusher machine

Portable stone crusher machine

Other Series of Crushers

Jaw crusher Machine is always used in the first broken,It’s mouth is big,It can eat big stone in the Stone Production plant begin,So It is the name from .Jaw crusher machine has different types,If you need we Will depend on you Quarry need Setting the most suitable jaw crusher equipment.

Impact crusher Machine Is always used int he second broken,the big stone was broken from jaw crusher machine,then the small stone will transport from the  belt conveyor ,then the impact crusher  work ,it hit the stone,at last the stone will become different  size, it used to the road building, city building..

Cone crusher machine we can called it stronger crusher,May be  you will ask why ? because Cone crusher is stronger really,It like eat hard stone , for example,Granite,Basalt… this stone is his love,if you have this stone,you need he,he will help you solve you problem!

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